Multi-site & WAP Technologies

Multi-site and WAP Progressive and Mystery Jackpot is now available from Olsen Gaming!

If your property operates two or more properties, then you may be considering multi-site progressive jackpots.  WAP and multi-site jackpot technology is normally a restricted product offering by most major OEM’s.  No longer!  Olsen Gaming offers true multi-site and Wide Area progressive jackpot technology as part of it’s Advanced Progressive Server family of products.

Standard multi-level progressive jackpots

Olsen Gaming can link your favorite games to support a multi-site progressive jackpot.that your property can customize and operate!  Imagine your own custom themed wide area progressive jackpot …. that’s incredible.  Olsen Gaming believes the key to gaming is differentiation, with unique and exciting jackpots that only your venues can offer!

Multi-Site Mystery jackpots

Olsen Gaming can link any of your games to a multi-site linked Mystery jackpot!  This means any game set, and any game denomination can be linked across multiple properties!  Players can play for frequent lower jackpots, or they may compete for huge life changing jackpots or prizes!  Customize your floor with jackpots that are tailored by you, offered by you, and triumphantly awarded by you!  Only your property can offer that attraction!  Nobody offers wide area Mystery jackpot except Olsen Gaming!

Multi-Site and Wide Area Community Player Link Bonusing

But that’s not all!  For the first time ever, Olsen Gaming also offers it’s Community Player Link Bonusing as a multi-site or WAP progressive application!  Olsen Gaming is the only gaming manufacturer that can offer this advanced technology.  That’s right, another first from the minds of Olsen Gaming Inc!

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