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Luckyman_midimage-01-02Our new Lucky Max bonusing technology provides a revolutionary new way to provide random bonus jackpots. Lucky Max combines the best advantages of both Progressive jackpots and Random jackpots! This is indeed revolutionary!  One secret to Lucky Max is the way in which players are induced into placing a larger wager for eligibility into the Mystery jackpot cash giveaway. The Lucky Max system allows the operator to adjust the wager threshold for eligibility rule to Lucky Max. Players recognize the benefits of placing a larger wager, as they become eligible for the Lucky Max bonus. Change the threshold depending on day of the week, and you can generate significantly greater profits on your casino floor!

Lucky Max also entices players with a “must hit by” jackpot in addition to a secondary bonus award! Players understand that they win a bonus jackpot in addition to the “must hit by” random jackpot. With this versatility, we are sure that Lucky Max is here to stay!

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Lucky Max Applications

Lucky Max is flexible and may be linked to any gaming device. Wherever you wish to provide a standard random or Mystery cash jackpot, you may replace it with Lucky Max!  For Luckyman_3image-03example, Lucky Max may be installed as a bonus jackpot in combination with our advanced topper event lights which visually inform the player when they are making an eligible wager into the LuckyMax progressive bonus.

Offer a prize giveaway with a progressive cash bonus kicker with LuckyMax.  Randomly award a car or a motorcycle when and only when your players are making a maximum size wager.  When they hit the big prize, they receive a cash prize kicker too!  This bonus is sure to excite and entice your players.

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Lucky Max Overhead


Olsen Gaming provides fantastic art services, and will incorporate the Lucky Max bonus jackpot into any theme or progressive display. Using our award winning CasinoStar™ player, Olsen Gaming will integrate the Lucky Max bonus meter into your custom artwork. Need more options? Lucky Max is also available in many different styles and alternate display layouts. Call us today for more details!




LuckyMax In Game options:

slides_luckymax4Need to upgrade some older games to generate solid revenues? Lucky Max is now available with a top-box LCD unit upgrade. Take your old game top box down, and replace it with the Lucky Max bonus screen. A simple field upgrade can put real life back into that old favorite game you already own!  Don’t just get lucky, get Lucky Max!

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LuckyMax is registered trademark of Olsen Gaming Inc, LuckyMax bonus and its variations are protected under the following US patents: #8,430,746 and #9,245,417.