Spectronix is proud to offer it’s second generation, full color LED progressive meter! If you want your patrons to notice your jackpots, than iColor2® is the answer! iColor2® will transform the look and feel of your casino floor or bar! With over 24 million displayable colors, iColor2® outperforms all others in terms of brilliance, color and impact! High reliability, low power operation and very long life; iColor2® has the lowest cost of ownership than any other jackpot sign technology. Replace older, fading meters or LCDs with the iColor2® replacement guarantee! If we can’t replace your meter, there is no cost to you! We support most OEM progressive controllers.

Color LED meters can make old signs look new …

Do you have tired old red-yellow-green LED meters on your floor?  Did you know that by simply replacing those old meters, you can provide significant impact, without having to replace your sign enclosure!

That’s right!  You can transform your tired floor to a super bright, totally up-beat mood by simply replacing those old meters.  Why?  Because your in-house jackpots can and should be the center-piece of your casino floor!  Maximize profits by enhancing games you own!  Don’t let participation or lease games own your progressive jackpots!  Full color LED jackpots can and will dominate your players eye!

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iColor2® is available in all standard sizes, plus OEM replacement sizes also available! We support most progressive system protocols.

Buy now and receive a two year extended warranty at no extra cost!  See our Gallery for more examples!

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