Tournament System



TournaMax ES is a PC based software solution for operating your slot tournaments. Never before has operating a tournament been so easy!

Simply add your players into the tournament database using your keyboard, or import players from your player database or spreadsheet. Use TournaMax to set-up the number of rounds and number of sessions for your tournament. Simply drag and drop players into each round. During each round, the TournaMax automatically gathers player standings and results. Easily print round and session reports. Optionally export player standings into your own system.

TournaMax allows you to focus on entertaining guests, not struggling with handwritten player standing lists! Accuracy is important to your tournament, and ease of use saves you money! Call Spectronix today and let us help you create hot slot tournaments! Note to Slot OEMs: Looking for a great enhancement to your slot game product offering?… call Olsen Gaming Inc today!

Create your custom Tournament today. Call Spectronix today.

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