Early History

Spectronix was formed in 1999 by Eric Olsen, formally of Mikohn Gaming Corporation, with the goal of creating a new standard for progressive system products and other associated equipment. With this vision as the centerpiece, Spectronix established three product lines of high­ brightness RGY and full color LED progressive displays and in­-game meters. The year 2003 saw the development of the SpectraLink™ flexible progressive controller as well as the SpectraOne™ stand-alone progressive product. In January of 2004, Olsen Gaming Inc was formed to incorporate the growing company. The Spectronix trade name was retained for the broad range of successful products offered.

In 2005, Olsen Gaming invented and introduced the industry’s most fun­-packed slot tournament product, featuring real­-time player standings and in-game animated win celebrations. The TournaMAX™ tournament system generates an entirely new level of player interaction and excitement.  New product debuts in 2006 include SpectraLink™ progressive management system, a Floor­wide Progressive Jackpot Management System. In addition, TopperFX™, our slot topper with integrated LED meter, expands the range of eye­ grabbing display options available to casino operators and gaming manufacturers.

In 2008, Olsen Gaming released it’s second generation full color LED display system targeting high end jackpot installations, such as Station Casino’s Graton resort and IGT’s Wheel of Fortune applications.  Also released in 2008 is CasinoStar, our high definition LCD jackpot sign controller which is easily customized for any casino need.  Another significant release is SpectraLink Progressive Manager (SPM), which links all SpectraLink controllers on the floor, and provides a floor-wide link progressive jackpot management, control and reporting solution.

We continue to advance our legacy products, keeping them fully up to date.

Today, Olsen Gaming continues to push the envelope with the development of new and exciting gaming applications and products.

With a vision towards solving the dwindling interest in games of chance, Olsen Gaming has again invented and developed brand new products that will revolutionize our gaming industry.  Central to this vision is the belief that casinos must continue to offer exciting gaming experiences, and new ways for younger players to interact on the casino floor.  With this vision as the centerpiece, Olsen Gaming has released Mystery Bingo, the first symbol activated linked random jackpot in the world.  The new gaming concept has been coined “Community Game Link Bonusing™“. Mystery Bingo is the first in a planned series of releases of our Community Player Linked Bonus gaming.

Another vision of Olsen Gaming is the total adoption of network based system products.  Pursuant to this vision, Olsen Gaming designed and engineered the most advanced floor-wide server based progressive jackpot and link bonus system ever devised, called Advanced Progressive Server (APS).  APS is an unprecedented achievement that will provide a complete secondary system for progressive jackpots and secondary bonuses.  This new advancement will pave the way for offering true casino floor customization and unique player experience and excitement by our casino customers.