CasinoStar … a complete line of multimedia products and solutions from Spectronix!

Our multimedia product line includes:

● CasinoStar4.7 ­high­end PC based multimedia player

● CasinoStar Embedded – low cost, high performance embedded multimedia player software

● MicroShuttle ­ compact digital sign player

● CasinoAd ­ remote display management and content scheduling tool


CasinoStar4.7 For the Casino

● Customized attract and jackpot animations.

● Continuous eye catching animation and graphics.

● Custom messaging board to entice players.

● Use with CasinoAd for more advanced features.


CasinoStar4.7 For the Bar

● Integrate ESPN® with your JACKPOTS!

● Upgrade any bar so that your customers can see your jackpots

● Integrates and interfaces with most popular progressive controllers

● Supports Multi-game and Multi-denomination jackpots on same screen

CasinoStar4.7 For General Signage

● Create informational directionals

● Display Restaurant menus.

● Custom messaging board for up to date information.


CasinoStar4.7 Player

CasinoStar 4.7 is a powerful PC based media player designed specifically for your casino floor, hotel and bar applications. CasinoStar will drive any flat panel display in full HD resolution, providing your casino the ability to create themed graphics, custom jackpot displays, and scheduled advertising to your casino patrons.

Built for performance and reliability ­ CasinoStar is a high performance media player with stunning resolution and playback capabilities. The result is stunning full motion graphics and eye-popping jackpot displays. CasinoStar is built for reliability. CasinoStar provides the dependability you require for your critical gaming and marketing applications.  Spectronix can tailor your jackpot art and graphics for your venue at reasonable prices.

CasinoStar supports most progressive systems and interfaces: Spectronix SpectraLink, Spectronix APS, Mikohn Supercontroller, CasinoLink, IPC, IGT Advantage, IGT WAP and others.

Supports HD Picture in Picture (PIP) ­ If you are looking for an advanced sports and bar display, look no further!  CasinoStar supports HD Picture in Picture as an available option (sold separately). Show your ESPN sports channel, your jackpots and advertisements all at once! Your patrons can enjoy a clear and distortion free HD viewing within a full HD screen. Format the side bars with your jackpots, advertising and messages!

Supports scheduled playback with our easy to use graphics scheduler via the CasinoAd display management tool. Play graphics full screen or play them within a windowed area!

MicroShuttle & CasinoStar Embedded Player 2.0

Specifically designed for less demanding applications than CasinoStar4.7, CasinoStar Embedded is great for end cap displays, topper displays, or basic advertising displays. For demanding display applications with limited space, the CasinoStar Embedded player measures only 6”x 4”x 1”. This powerful little player supports a DVI output, and can drive displays up to HD (720p) resolution. CasinoStar Embedded easily connects to your house network using Cat­5 Ethernet connection. CasinoStar Embedded is remotely managed using CasinoAd. Change your content, schedules and playlists easily and quickly!

CasinoAd­ remote display management and scheduling tool

Control all of your CasinoStar displays from the convenience of your office desk … with CasinoAd! CasinoAd is a low cost, remote display management tool that is designed to be simple, fast and reliable. CasinoAd connects to any number of remotely located CasinoStar4.7 or CasinoStar Embedded players. Simply select the desired CasinoStar player from the display list, and CasinoAd allows you to immediately modify the displays content, schedule and playlists.

Call Spectronix today for more information about CasinoAD at 702-­798-­5355.